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The best tasting pear

Sweet Sensation has a firm bite and beautiful red blush skin. Don't peal it just eat it! Learn more about the natural goodness and the best way to treat your pears to enjoy the perfect flavour.    

Packed with power

There’s more to natural goodness than a few vitamins in a tasty pear. Sweet Sensation is packed with fibre, providing about one fifth of your daily fibre needs. It has more pectin than an apple, which helps lower your LDL cholesterol level. Sweet Sensation is full of vitamins B2 C, E, and copper and potassium - a natural multivitamin pill, as well as a powerful antioxidant and source of trace minerals. Pear power to keep you going!

“The taste liking with 82/100 is significant higher to competive pears with 55/100”
- Consumerpanel research November 2019
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a versatile pear

Sweet Sensation has a firm bite and beautiful red blush skin. There are numbers of occacions to enjoy this pear. Nead inspiration?

taste the moment

Firm favourite

Keep Sweet Sensation in the fridge, the pears stay firm and fresh for longer than you expect. Take your Sweet Sensation out of the fridge the day before you eat it and maximise its fruity freshness.

Cool and refreshing

Summer Tip! If you like your pears cool and refreshing, put them back in the fridge for a few hours Then, on a hot day, take a cool bite and you’ll know you’ve found the healthy alternative to an ice cream or cold drink.

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